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The CGWG is currently divided in five committees that are responsible for different aspects of the group's functioning. If you're a member and want to join a committee, please send an email to the committee chair or board responsible.


The CGWG Financial Committee coordinates incoming and outgoing funds according to the group’s and the Committees’ needs.

Chair: Cinnamon Mittan






Membership and Recruitment

The CGWG Membership & Recruitment Committee coordinates general CGWG membership activities, focusing on membership growth and diversification, as well as the development of a directory for CGWG members and other conservation genetics scientists.

Chair: Nick Fletcher







The CGWG Communications Committee coordinates CGWG general communication efforts. Current activities focus on the CGWG website, social media, email discussion listserv, and updates to the SCB newsletter.

Chair: Sarah Kim Pearson






Strategic Planning

The CGWG Strategic Planning Committee has two main roles: (a) develop surveys to identify ways the committee can increase the incorporation of genetic information in the field of conservation, and (b) promote the integration of CGWG within SCB and other professional groups.

Chair: Heather Taft


Education and Events

The CGWG Education and Events Committee is responsible by developing resource materials and conduct activities to build genetic literacy among conservation practitioners.
Current efforts focus on outreach in the form of (a) the compilation and dissemination of conservation genetic information and tools and (b) organizing trainings in genetics literacy for conservation professionals.
It is also responsible for organizing events to promote the interaction among CGWG members as well as organize outreach events to achieve the CGWG goal of increasing the use of genetics in conservation.

Chair: Soraia Barbosa (provisional)