IPBES Subcommittee


The IPBES Subcommittee was formed in 2009 (then as an ad-hoc committee) in order to follow the establishment process of IPBES. This came from an initiative of the Europe section, but included representatives from all sections. During the first phase SCB was represented at all meetings during the establishment phase (up to Panama 2012). In mean time the ad-hoc committee was restructured and repopulated (leaving the Section representation aside) into the current sub-committee under the Global Policy Committee.

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Committee Members

To support SCBs involvement in the IPBES process and to follow the work of the Platform a sub-committee under the global Policy committee is established with the following members:

  • Bengt Gunnar Jonsson, Chair, IPBES Subcommittee
  • Sarah Reed, Chair, Chair, SCB Global Policy Committee 
  • Andras Baldi
  • Alex Dehgan
  • Martin Dieterich
  • Kyle Gracy
  • Ezster Kovacs
  • Carolyn Lundquist
  • Aidin Namir
  • Guy Peer
  • Judith Schleicher
  • Teuta Skorin
  • Eleanor Sterling

Terms of Reference

Following is a brief summary of the terms of reference (TOR) for the IPBES Subcommittee. Download the complete TOR here.

The IPBES Subcommittee shall:

  • Prepare for and participate in plenaries
  • Support the work of the open-ended Stakeholders Network
  • Inform SCB Board of Governors and Global Policy Committee on IPBES
  • Maintain contacts with Sections' Boards of Directors
  • Collaborate with the SCB Executive Office on calls for experts and member engagement