Heart the Oceans (#HearttheOceans)

SCB Marine Event & Fundraiser

When: Friday, February 12, 2016

Where: Location of your choosing and Online


Introduction: Though the ocean covers over two-thirds of Earth’s surface, its importance and beauty can be easily forgotten.  Therefore, we’re asking our members to support and embrace a new event where they can share their love and concern for the ocean. This Valentine’s, we want you to communicate your love for the marine on Heart the Oceans Day, February 12. Fundraiser organizers around the world and individuals who wish to donate can submit funds at the #HearttheOceans online crowdfunding site.

At the IUCN meeting in 1968, a Senegalese forestry engineer said, “In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.” On Heart the Oceans Day, we want SCB Marine members to share and spread their knowledge of the oceans with others among the global community. We feel that encouraging members to share and discuss why they love the oceans will promote awareness of marine conservation issues.

Heart the Oceans is an event that will take place the last working day before Valentine’s Day weekend of the upcoming year, though events are not necessarily restricted to only this one day. The goals of this event are as follows:

  1. Communicating about the oceans: We want you to reach out to the public and help “make marine science matter” by sharing why or what you love about the oceans, or why you are passionate about ocean-related research. We want you to do this in whatever way you think best!  Examples of possible events you could organize are:
    • Film presentations with Q&As
    • Public talks by researchers or other ocean users (e.g. fishermen, surfers)
    • Social events or trips such as a beach cleanup, visit to a local aquarium, tour of a marine research facility
    • Presentations to school children or local youth groups.
  2. Fundraising: While many of us have few financial obstacles to communicate how much we #HearttheOceans, this is not the case for many who have critical marine conservation issues to voice. Some of the world’s most amazing marine ecosystems are found in countries where marine researchers cannot carry out conservation work due to severe financial constraints. Where you are from should not be a barrier to saving the ocean world that you love. Therefore, we would like #HearttheOceans event organizers, where appropriate, to raise money to support marine researcher in developing countries. This could be done by charging $2 for access to a movie screening or for a tour of marine facilities, for instance. 100% of the funds you raise will go toward supporting diversity initiatives within the Society for Conservation Biology Marine Section. Fundraising is voluntary and at the discretion of each hosting member.  All funds collected will be managed by the SCB Marine Section to fund Diversity Initiatives.

Final Remarks: Heart the Oceans is meant to be a fun communications event that any member should be able to host wherever they are in the world. The focus should be on love for the ocean – sharing passion for the marine environment. The focus of this event should be on Ocean Optimism and positivity, and inspiring people to love and care about the oceans. Heart the Oceans will not only promote communication between people about the ocean and marine conservation, but also raise awareness of the society. It will be an effective way to show what our members do and motivate others to try and do likewise.

Registering your event: In order to register your event, please send an email to You should include your name, institution, and an outline of your plans for the event. During the event, please take pictures, if able, that can be sent to this email address for sharing on the SCBMarine website and social media accounts.

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