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Conservation Stories

Storytelling is a powerful way to share knowledge and experiences, connect with others, and effect change.

Conservation scientists are recognizing the power of stories and are learning to share them. These stories come from experiences at the front lines of global change. From working with diverse partners to find solutions. And from  personal connections with nature.


Below you’ll find stories told at the International Marine Conservation Congress, the conference of the SCB Marine Section. These demonstrate the power of sharing conservation messages through storytelling.

Stories in Conservation

Elizabeth McLean
Puerto Rico, U.S.

Fadilah Ali (@FadilahZAli)
Bonaire/United Kingdom

Henry Goehlich



Kyle Gillespie (@kylemgillespie)


Martin Russell (@martin1ocean)


Nohora Galvis  (@ICRIColombia)



Skye Augustine


Delphine Rocklin








These stories are from the  2014 Tales from the Sea workshop at the Marine Section's 3rd International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC3) in Glasgow, Scotland. The Section hopes to have another storytelling session at IMCC4, August 2016 in Newfoundland, Canada.

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The scientists above learned storytelling techniques via a training developed by scientists and science communication specialists at COMPASS, the David Smith Conservation Research Fellowship program, and Oregon State University