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About Us


The mission of the Participatory and Citizen Science Working Group is to facilitate citizen science research and practice that aids the Society for Conservation Biology in achieving its mission of preserving the Earth’s biodiversity.
In support of the vision of the Society for Conservation Biology, the Participatory and Citizen Science Working Group seeks to increase awareness of, support knowledge exchange for, and promote citizen science as an effective method in advancing biodiversity conservation. In addition to supporting knowledge exchange among practitioners, researchers, and managers, the working group seeks to increase acceptance of citizen science in research, management, and policy application to advance the scope and pace of biodiversity conservation.
Working Group Values/Priorities
  • Supports the vision, mission, goals, and global reach of SCB.
  • Works with other SCB Working Groups when possible.
  • Supports and facilitates citizen science in all forms, including participatory, co-created, and community-led science.
  • Seeks input from, listens to, and welcomes SCB participation from local and indigenous communities, stakeholders, and citizen groups to advance biodiversity conservation.
  • Builds on, rather than duplicates, citizen science promotion and facilitation efforts by outside entities.