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The PaCS Board recently conducted a member survey to determine priority activities for the group’s first few years. The working group board and members will be focusing on:

Promoting/Tracking Conservation Impacts and Connecting with Natural Resource Management and Policy

  • Tracking conservation impacts of citizen science on conservation outcomes.
    • Create a crowdsourced, online, inventory of conservation citizen science projects and platforms that has adequate QA/QC mechanisms
    • Tracking/sharing/listing research goals and objectives.
    • Yield an interactive inventory of successes, “failures”, pitfalls, and lessons learned
  • Science story telling (local, open to the public, virtual) at meetings.
  • Provide resources for agencies /academic institutions to recognize and reward community engaged scholarship.
  • Develop initiatives for citizen science to better contribute to biodiversity conservation and natural resource management and policy. 

Citizen Science Best Management Practices

  • Best Management Practices (BMPs) for citizen science in conservation: when and how should we use citizen science?
Conferences and Workshops
  • A symposium or group meeting at a Citizen Science Association Conference.
  • Symposium or other activity at International Congress for Conservation Biology and SCB section meetings.
  • Trainings at SCB on projects such as eBird, iNaturalist, etc., to raise awareness of those opportunities.
  • Small conferences that can be organized to cover specific topics in citizen science research.
  • Host workshop on beginning a citizen science program or using common/good tools.
  • Workshops for scientists to communicate with non-scientists.