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About Us

In 2014, interested individuals gathered at SCB Marine Section’s International Marine Conservation Congress in Glasgow, Scotland, to discuss forming a Conservation Marketing and Engagement Working Group. Our objectives are to support and further the Society’s missions to conserve biological diversity and improve the health of the environment.

The working group defines conservation marketing as ‘the ethical application of marketing strategies concepts and techniques to influence attitudes, perceptions and behaviours of individuals, and ultimately societies, with the objective of advancing conservation goals.’

Marketing techniques can help distribute conservation messages outside the traditional conservation-minded audiences to inspire behavioural change.

The Working Group seeks to:
• Increasingly expose conservation practitioners to the effective use of marketing techniques and tools, as well as their capacity in applying them to their own projects.

• Facilitate research into the effectiveness of marketing in achieving conservation goals as part of this effort.

• Facilitate training in behaviour change, marketing, outreach and engagement, and media relations,

• Establish trans-disciplines collaborations (e.g., with artists, musicians, comedians, film makers, public relations experts, social media experts, and advertising agencies)

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