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About Us

In 2014, interested individuals gathered at SCB Marine Section’s International Marine Conservation Congress in Glasgow, Scotland, to discuss forming a Conservation Marketing and Engagement Working Group. Our objectives are to support and further the Society’s missions to conserve biological diversity and improve the health of the environment.
The working group defines conservation marketing as ‘the ethical application of marketing strategies concepts and techniques to influence attitudes, perceptions and behaviours of individuals, and ultimately societies, with the objective of advancing conservation goals.’ Marketing techniques can help distribute conservation messages outside the traditional conservation-minded audiences to inspire behavioural change.

• Promote acceptance of conservation marketing approaches within the SCB membership.
• Identify steps to apply conservation marketing expertise to reframe ‘conservation’ and other terms into positive connotations, which are audience-owned expressions that resonate with the public.
• Provide a forum for exchanging information on conservation marketing activities, discussing strategies, pooling resources and providing constructive feedback on ideas and initiatives.
• Guide and facilitate empirical exploration of marketing techniques through research.
• Encourage engagement with media to improve scientific accuracy in news stories.
• Define target audiences typically beyond the reach of conservation messaging and facilitate messaging to these audiences.
• Build SCB membership through developing relationships with non-traditional conservation disciplines, such as sports and entertainment.
• Build relationships with other SCB entities, including global and section policy committees, the Social Science Working Group, and Smith Fellows to help achieve their goals