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In October 2018, ConsMark held its first international congress at the George Mason University campus in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

The congress drew nearly 200 people from around the world and kicked off with multiple workshops on designing, implementing, and evaluating conservation marketing programs. These were followed by a series of symposia and sessions with the topics of talks ranging from art, social science, marketing, and biology; all with the goal of changing public perceptions and behaviors. The three day congress truly featured a trans-disciplinary lineup! The full program of activities can be viewed here.

The energy and level of discussion at the congress demonstrates a growing interest in learning about conservation marketing and applying it to small and large projects across the world that is truly awe-inspiring.

Have a look at ALL the working group's activities from 2016-2018

Our next congress will be held 27 - 30 October 2021 online.


The efforts of the working group and its members have also resulted in a number of conservation marketing outputs:

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Veríssimo, D. Influencing human behaviour: an underutilised tool for biodiversity management. Conservation Evidence 10:29-31