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Conservation Technology Working Group

These are truly exciting times! Accelerating technological and engineering progress is being matched by affordable technology and global data connectivity. This convergence brings tremendous opportunities for conservation. New technologies could revolutionize the way we collect data on threatened species and habitats, and provide new tools to support conservation action. 

The SCB Conservation Technology Working Group (ConsTech WG) was born with the mission to push the technology agenda in conservation. We provide a platform for discussion, collaboration and coordination of research and practice activities around the use of different technologies in conservation. As a discipline, conservation biology has much to gain from a coordinated approach to

  1. Developing technology to aid Conservation problems and attracting the skills of technologists/engineers to help with this,
  2. Evaluating the performance and usefulness of different emerging technologies,
  3. Disseminating best practices to practitioners and researchers, and
  4. Forecasting emerging threats from new technologies.

If you are interested in any of this, join us and become an active member of the ConsTech WG. We need your help, skills, experience and network of contacts to realize our vision! Please use our email distribution list (listserv) to start or join a discussion, or to leave suggestions on activities you would like to see developed within the scope of the group.

Any questions? Please contact us: