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ConsTech WG Objectives 

The objectives of the ConsTech WG are to:

  1. Lead the conversation about what we want technology to do for conservation.
  2. Promote networking and coordinate activities between different players (conservationists, technologists, the data-modelling community, and the different online platforms that deal with conservation technology), to grasp opportunities, create synergies and reduce duplication of efforts.
  3. Engage the wider community about the WG’s work at the interface of conservation and technology.
  4. Evaluate threats and opportunities that emerging and future technologies bring to conservation.
  5. Promote the uptake (and appropriate, efficient use) of conservation technology, current and future.
  6. Drive, accelerate and help coordinate the development of technology solutions for conservation, promoting their affordability and sustainability.
  7. In particular, do this by promoting collaborative development of open source technology.