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Africa Region Membership

The membership of the Africa Region is multinational and multidisciplinary in nature. Our membership cuts across professionals and non-professionals in the field of conservation biology and disciplines that directly or indirectly affect conservation. We also encourage students to join the Region to pursue the mission of SCB at large. You can always find something to contribute to our mission, no matter your background.

Our general membership comprises any member of the Society for Conservation Biology wishing to support the goals of the Africa Region. Voting members however are those SCB members who, per SCB by-laws, have officially registered as members of the Africa Region. Members of SCB may join one Region as a voting member.

  • To read the Africa Region Bylaws, click here.
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If you are already a member of SCB and want to join the Africa Region, log in to your member home page and update your profile. After joining, you may decide to participate in any of the number of teams and committees under the Africa Region. Your contribution will be a valuable one!